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The qualities of line varies from the subtle linear to the vicious, bold and solid, the balance keeps one on edge, as you discovered a world of obsession, raw reality, primal wants, needs, love and fear. Thought provoking work. M Miller, Curator Youth Programmes, Tate Britain (Lost and found, London)

Foster’s paintings are opaque. No light comes in. Your enlightened view comes from the interior of the art itself which exudes light. C Hively, S Munt, 3×3 (Resurrections NY)

Sacred profanities & symbolic surprises are hidden in pain view. A color palette saturated in delirious debauchery. J Rosen, artist, educator (Resurrections NY)

Amazing show. Always satisfying to the soul to see work with heart and substance, executed beautifully with precision, care and thought. L M, (Labour of Love, London)

What struck me about AF’s Show at the ‘Lost & Found’ exhibition in Earlham Street was the contrast between the aesthetics and the content. The pictures were beautiful, giving off a glow of light, exuberance and joy. A Howeson, artist, educator

Foster’s work speaks of an intense passion for the earthy and real. The paintings so often speak of the juxtaposition of traditional Christian imagery and then turned on their head and questioned. Father Simon, Episcopal Priest, (Resurrections NY)

This exhibition had an energy and audacity that is rare. Professor J Woolley illustrator, artist, educator, (Lost and found, London)

Everyday that I view each piece, I discover more layers and details. E Chimonas, Camden Image Gallery owner, (Labour of Love, London)

The first impression was of colour and wild energy. Rampant mark making refusing to be polite. R Harris, illustrator, artist, educator, (Lost and found, London)

The scale and audacity of the media that Andrew Foster utilizes is truly ambitious and really shows a confidence in expressing deeply personal content. J Barrett, artist, (Precious in thy Sight, Sheffield)

Such a strong narrative as well as the most powerful images. S Davison, (Labour of Love, London)

One can marvel at the scale and ‘vision’ of the project or be seduced by colour. Further investigation reveals a more complex layered communication filled with symbolism, the hidden and revealed, fetish as a magical object of desire or obsession. G Powell, artist, illustrator, educator, (Precious in thy Sight, Sheffield)

The beauty of this work is that it defies labels, obstinately refuses to be catagorised too easily, flying in the face of commercial concerns quite joyously. J Hassal, illustrator, educator, (Lost and found, London)